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R3VAMP was created by former elite athletes who’ve either played and/or coached at the collegiate and professional athletic levels.  After years of experience competing against various elite athletes from different sports, the R3VAMP team recognized a need for change when it came to training for long term ultimate success……they were tired of seeing the same training regime – they new betters methods existed.

Spread throughout the country,  it’s common to see general indoor facilities, camps & clinics and personalized athletic training programs which are (more often than not focused on singular types of training…these opportunities are a dime a dozen and provide the same offerings for a purely physical advantage in sport.

But, what if the key to peak performance and ultimate success, on and off the field, wasn’t just about being physically gifted….. but about building a fully-encompassing training routine using top technologies that are designed for a well-rounded body, mind and spirit lifestyle.

We’ve taken that modern technology driven approach and paired it with training that maximizes an athlete’s mind, body, and spirit…….so that they can learn to produce and sustain at 100% of their ability, at all times. We’re here to challenge the brain, as well as the body.

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Unlock Your Greatest Potential Physically, Mentally, & Spiritually.

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Adult Group Fitness Packages

Circuit & HIIT Group Classes Designed to Challenge You Physically & Mentally, All While Keeping You Injury Free
Faster Response & Reaction Time
Explosive Power, Speed, & Strength
Improved Focus
Unlock Peak Athletic Performance

At the R3VAMP Performance Center we care about family and our doors are open to everyone! Our classes will encompass a Crossfit style approach, meant to target fitness as much as it targets strength gains. Classes will be designed for those who want fun full body circuit and HIIT training workouts!

Our primary goal is to keep our clients physically and mentally healthy with the highest quality coaching. This includes things like form correction, engaging competition and a positive environment. Each class will push our clients to achieve their fitness goals all while preventing injuries throughout the process:

  • $170 Per Month for Unlimited Classes
  • Drop in rate of $20 per class for non-members or those interested in a membership
  • 10% Discount offered to First Responders, Teachers, Healthcare Workers and Military Members as well as Families (Spouses)


Memberships Will Include: 

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday (8:15 AM)- With Jen from Some Like it Fit
  • Tuesday & Thursday (6 AM, 7 AM, 12 PM)
  • Saturday (8 AM )

R3VAMP Sports Performance Memberships

12-Week Customized Sport Specific Programming & Full Facility Access
Faster Response & Reaction Time
Explosive Power, Speed, & Strength
Improved Focus
Unlock Peak Athletic Performance

12 Weeks of Access to Cognitive + Reaction Tools and Drills (Including the Senaptec Sensory Station-Subject to Availability)

12 Weeks of Access to Mental Skills Handbook 

12 Weeks of Nutrition Guidance

12 Weeks of Access to Sport Specific Equipment (Subject to Availability)

12 Weeks of Access to Performance Center (Including Study Pods and Kitchen Accessibility)

12 Weeks of Sport Specific Customized Strength & Conditioning + Speed and Agility Programming (This includes in-season and off-season training individualized by sport participation and short-term/long-term goals)

♦ R3VAMP Bronze Performance Membership (1x Per Week)

♦ R3VAMP Silver Performance Membership (2x Per Week)
♦ R3VAMP Gold Performance Membership (Unlimited)
♦ Senaptec Sensory Station Membership (8 Sessions Per Month)


1-On-1 Customized Athletic Performance Program or Become A Better Athlete By Working With Other Athletes
Faster Response & Reaction Time
Explosive Power, Speed, & Strength
Improved Focus
Unlock Peak Athletic Performance

R3VAMP Performance Training uses unique physical training techniques in conjunction with cognitive conditioning performance methods and positive psychology techniques to help individuals feel and perform their best, on and off the field. Our training modalities include things like reaction lights and hand-eye training tools that are unique to the health and wellness world.  We also teach specifics on the importance of nutrition, sleep, hydration and breathing and offer consultation with our clients on routine and goal setting practices. Our clients range anywhere from youth, amateur and collegiate athletes, to clients with brain injuries, to every-day individuals who are simply looking to improve fitness or overall neurological functioning (i.e. memory, focus or functioning under duress).

Some of our training modalities help individuals with:

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Speed & Agility
  • Cognitive Training (Brain Training for Sports)
  • Mental Skills Training
  • Hand-Eye + Reaction Work
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Recovery & Injury Prevention (Reflexive Performance Reset Practitioner)
  • Accountability, Discipline, Goal & Routine Setting Techniques