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A Holistic Approach To Building The Highest-Performance Athletes

What separates good athletes from great athletes? Those who have made it to the highest level, competed against the best of the best, and come away as champions…what makes them different?  

Aside from physical preparation, how were they able to get to that level and consistently succeed at that level?

1) Competence

2) Confidence

3) Autonomy

Build Responsive Athleticism, Strength & Power

Athletic strength produces more explosive power through dynamic full body movements versus only doing isolated workouts. We're here to help you get the most out of your body.

Sharpen Your Mental Game & Find Your "Flow"

"Flow State" is the state of pure concentration when all distractions are tuned out and the focus is purely in the moment. Flow is where optimal performance happens. In life AND sport, it's all about learning to function inside and outside of "flow".

Drastically Improve Your Speed & Reaction Time

Part of your athletic success comes from your ability to read and adjust to various performance situations at rapid speeds in order to win. We train the brain as much as we train the body.

Capture A Complete Elite Athletic Advantage

Athletes can gain an advantage by adapting to a holistic approach that includes: physical training, mental skills and cognitive training, nutrition + hydration, recovery, sport specific training and more...

Mike Hicks, Founder

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Level Up Your Mind, Body, & Focus

Ultimately, seeing the achievements of these elite athletes who have invested in the full-spectrum training foundation is what spearheaded a holistic body, mind, and spirit approach built around the idea of “Flow State.”

What is “Flow State”?
“Flow State” is a scientific occurrence that happens within a person (physically and neurologically) when they are so engaged in their activity that they are able to achieve optimal performance. It is a place where nothing else matters and a person can be completely focused on the moment, trusting in all past and present experiences. Positive psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, defines the experience as “an optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best.”

Our state of the art concepts have been designed to encompass every important aspect of elite, sustained growth within athletes. Through carefully designed concepts to assist with innovative physical, mental and spiritual growth, our goal is to guide every athlete toward understanding their own motivation to become the best possible version of themselves through goal-oriented routine setting, in depth preparation and constantly practicing habits that build excellence…and hence R3VAMP was born.

A New Competitive Advantage

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